Thursday, October 13, 2005

More "Lost" craziness...

I went back to today and found that the Flash file that filled the page there yesterday had been replaced. In its place was a new Flash file that showed mirror images of a polar bear floating across the screen and intersecting with each other.

Also, the Morse Code message had changed to:

-.-. .... --- -.-. --- .-.. .- - . / .- ... -.-. .-.. . .--. .. ..- ...

which translates to:


Whatever that means (could it be related to the chocolate Appollo bars?).

Fortunately, I took a screen grab of the polar bear, because just a few minutes later I returned to find the original image -- a mouse sitting on top of a piece of red cheese -- had returned along with the bizarre audio message I heard yesterday (once again, go hear it for yourself -- I don't want to spoil all the fun). However, the new Morse Code message remained.

Meanwhile, I noted there is now a site, which also just displays the word "Smartdust." Here is the Wikipedia definition of Smartdust:

Smartdust is a network of tiny wireless microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS), robots, or devices, installed with wireless communications, that can detect anything from light and temperature, to vibrations, etc.

You can read more here.

Does anyone out there have a "Lost" season 1 set they'd be willing to loan me? As I've mentioned before, I'm relatively new to the show and would love catch the episodes I missed.


Shannon said...

Well my head is completely spinning now.!!!

Personally, I think we are just being messed with. Just my theory.

joevideo said...

roon, i have one, but to be honest, you're best either buying it or downloading it from itunes. you'll want to own it, trust me.

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