Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Celebrity sightings

The other annoying thing about autumn baseball is the gratuitous shots of celebrities in the stands.

It started Friday night when Robert Redford had a seat right behind home plate at Fenway Park.

You can be sure that between now and the end of the World Series the stars of every Fox TV show will turn up on camera, sitting in the stands.

I'm sure we'll also see plenty of Billy Crystal and Rudy Giulliani at Yankee Stadium.

We can only hope the Red Sox won’t advance too far so we don’t have to keep seeing Stephen King and the ever-annoying Ben Affleck all over the place (oh, Jennifer Garner, you can do so much better!).

However, the celebrity sightings aren’t all bad. It was kind of cool to see “Wookie of the Year” Chewbacca throwing out the first pitch at Fenway last week. He was there to promote the “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston.


Aaron said...

I could only imagine what the comment would be if Stephen, Jen and Ben were Yankee fans. I suppose James Taylor is evil too because he is a die hard Sox fan and sang a beautiful rendition of the national anthem at fenway last year. Is it annoying to see Billy, Rudy and Jeeter's parents at every Yankee Game?

Roon said...

Um...did you not read my post? Did I not mention Billy Crystal and America's Mayor?

I expressed my annoyance with all celebrity shots. That includes the shots of Chris Rock and Jack Nicholson last night.

Aaron said...

Yes...You did mention Billy and Rudy. But the manner in which you mentioned them wasn't as "anoying" as how you mentioned Stephen, Jen, Ben and Robert.

Roon said...

I didn't say Stephen King himself was annoying. I just used that word to describe Ben Affleck, who gets on my nerves for a number of reasons -- being a Red Sox fan just being one of them.

If being a Red Sox fan was the only reason for a person to get on my nerves, you and I would have stopped hanging out together a long time ago! ;-)

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