Sunday, October 16, 2005

How about them apples

Today was the annual family apple picking trip to Bowman Orchards.

I think the buckets of rain we’ve been getting worked to our advantage. Usually the apples are pretty picked over by this time. But there were plenty of good apples left – huge ones in fact! And many were low enough on the trees that the kids could pick them. So my theory is that the rain has been keeping people away, leaving more apples for us!

The same goes for the pumpkins. Bowman has a good sized pumpkin patch that was still filled with plenty of good sized, good shaped pumpkins.

That’s not to say the weather was perfect. It was very windy today. The top wind gusts today were about 59 mph! There are lots of tree limbs down around our house, although fortunately nothing too big.

After picking two pumpkins and filling our sack with apples, we stopped to visit the farm animals and play on the playground for awhile before calling it a day.

Everyone had a good time – even Chester, who came along too (and yes, he also got to eat some apples).

Then came the best part – this afternoon Kris baked an apple pie! Mmmm…apple pie… Perhaps the best part of fall.


ray brownell said...

we would love to have joined you, but the kids had a photo scheduled at Sears, and then, Danny complained of his ear, and sure enough, one visit to Urgent Care later, another ear infection........

does it ever end?

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