Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cracking the code

Okay "Lost" fans...does anyone know how to get into When you click "LOGIN" it asks you for a username and password, which I so far have not been able to guess. (Yes, I tried using the numbers.)

In the meantime, if you click on the logo the training film Jack and Locke watched in last week's episode will play. That's good because earlier I found a hidden link to the film on a site for the Hanso Foundation, but I couldn't get it to play.

But check this out: when going to that Hanso site, if you change the URL from to you get a blank page with only the phrase ""

Now go to for something truly wierd -- I'll let you see for yourself.

You'll note the title of that page is:
.- .-.. --- -. --. - .. -- . .- --. --- --..-- --- -. .- -. .. ... .-.. .- -. -.. ..-. .- .-. ..-. .- .-. .- .-- .- -.--

I ran that through a Morse Code translator and came up with:

If that isn't enough, add an extra "w" to the URL, so it's and you get a blank page with only the phrase "Smartdust."

How much of this actually means something and how much is just the producers screwing with our heads?


MB said...

access hollywood has been doing a lost and found roundup every wednesday night. not sure if it's better than yours, but it's not bad.

i should add though, that i've never seen lost.

Roon said...

It occurs to me, looking at the lines around the swan image, that those lines could be some form of Morse Code too?

Shannon said...

Whew! A new topic! Haha.

Did you try using the incorrect last number that Locke almost typed in last week? What was it, 34?

I did a little research into the swan symbolism (divinity) and dharma (Buddhist)...not much help there either.

We'll just see what tonight's episode has in store.

PLANET3RRY said...

My wife and I want to watch Lost from the beginning, we've seen a couple of episodes of the first season. I really like all the easter eggs they have been dumping out onto the web.

The morning tlak show devotes alot of time Thursday morning on "The Lost" as they call it and what viewers and themselves saw (or didn't see).

I watch the Dharma Station3 Orientation for giggles. Someone is definitely having some fun with this.

The lines could be a Morse Code or another code. Each piece of the pie has a set amount of object which going clockwise is 46435554 but that could jsut be a reach...

joevideo said...

try smoking some doob and then watching an episode... can't do much worse!

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