Monday, October 24, 2005

Wet weekend

What a soggy month October is turning out to be.

Nolan finally got a soccer game in Saturday morning. That’s their first game since Oct. 1! We thought it might be cancelled again since it was pouring just a few hours before game time. But by then it was just cold, damp and miserable – but not raining (actually, it did drizzle on and off during the game).

Nolan played goalie for the first half of the game. After letting a few sneak past him he settled in and got the hang of it. He even made one really great save. I was standing behind the goal coaching him (and the other goalie during the second half) and pumped my fists in the air shouting “YES!!!” when he stopped the ball. Then I realized that maybe I was getting a little too excited about a kindergarten soccer game.

We made the best of the rest of the weekend. We were stuck inside most of the time. The picture above is of everyone on the couch for story time Sunday night.

Nolan had a friend sleep over Friday night, which was fun. I enjoyed making breakfast for the kids on Saturday morning. Don’t get me wrong – my lack of cooking skills are well known and Kris will be the first to point out how rare it is for me to prepare a meal. But it seemed like the “dad thing” to do (my dad always made a great breakfast). So I cracked open a cookbook and a few eggs and made a “magic pancake puff” that everyone enjoyed.

I also started a new a book. I’ve always been interested in reading “Casino Royal,” Ian Flemming’s original James Bond novel – especially since they announced it would be adapted as the next 007 film. Well, I finally got it from the library.

As for the World Series, I know I said I would be rooting for the Astros, but it’s awful hard to root against the White Sox. At this point, I’m just rooting for good games and I haven’t been disappointed so far.


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