Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dude, that's smurfed up!

UNICEF is stirring up controversy in Belgium – home of the Smurfs and their creator, Peyo. They’re running a new anti-war PSA starring the three-apple high blue folks we children of the 80s grew up with.

The spot begins with the Smurfs dancing around to their familiar theme song until all of a sudden BOMBS START RAINING DOWN ON SMURF VILLAGE! Mushrooms homes are destroyed! Smurfette lays dead in the street! An orphaned Baby Smurf sits crying amid the chaos!

Oh, the humanity (or whatever, since they aren’t really human)!

The spot ends with the words “don’t let war destroy the children’s world.”

The PSA is only being played after 9 p.m. since it would be understandably disturbing to the kiddies.

You can read more about and see the video on among other places.

On a side note: most of my Smurfs were saved. A little while ago we pulled them out and gave them to the kids to play with. They seem to get a kick out of them.


PLANET3RRY said...

Now, that is a smurfed up ad.

I was thinking about putting all my Smurf Drinking glasses that you could get at Burger King (I think) on eBay since the 80s memorabilia seems to be hot right now.

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