Friday, October 28, 2005

Candy & chaos

Last night was the Halloween party at Nolan’s school. They had activities in the gym, cafeteria and art room, and also kids could go trick-or-treating from door to door in some of the classrooms.

It started before I usually get home from work. So I had to meet Kris and the kids up there. But it was a crazy place full of costumed kids and parents. I wandered around for about 20 minutes, bumping into everyone we know but Kris and the kids, until I finally found them (she was volunteering in the art room, which I had apparently been informed of and forgot).

One guy was particularly helpful. “I know I saw her somewhere. She’s wearing an orange shirt.” Um, thanks. So were half the moms there.

Despite the chaos, the kids seemed to have a good time. But they’re anxious for the real thing Monday night.


Anonymous said...

I love the costumes!!

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