Friday, March 10, 2006

Penguin power

Nolan had an entry in the Learning Fair at his school last night. He put together a project called “Penguins Are People Too.”

He cut out pictures of penguins doing various things—like swimming, taking care of babies, sliding on the ice, etc.—and then pasted them on a poster board. Then he had laminated pictures of people doing the same things. People visiting Nolan’s project had to match the pictures of the people to the pictures of the penguins.

He even had hand-outs. Everyone who played his penguin game got to take home a list of the books he used while working on his project.

We were very proud of him. He did great job explaining his project to people and helping other kids match the pictures up. It was pretty impressive for a kindergartener. While lots of kids had projects at the fair, Nolan was one of only two students in his class that took part.


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