Friday, March 24, 2006

'I married a geek'

The new “Doctor Who” made its American television debut last week. Even though I downloaded all of the episodes last year, I’ve still been watching them on Sci Fi anyway.

Tonight Kris came down to the basement just in time to catch the last five minutes of one of my favorites, “The Unquiet Dead.” As the TARDIS dematerialized at the end of the show Kris said, “This is stupid.”

“This is good stuff,” I countered.

“You’re such a geek,” she told me.

This is news to anyone? I smiled and said, “I’m amazed I convinced you to marry me.”

What did I do after “Doctor Who” was over? I popped in one of my new “Star Trek Fan Collective: Time Travel” DVDs and watched the classic 1967 episode “Tomorrow Is Yesterday.”

I am such a geek.


Aaron Hull said...

I get Doctor Who about as much as you get March Madness!!!

Shannon said...

Dr. Who isn't my thing but I'm totally intrigued about the Time Travel collection!

Geeks Unite!

And hey, when she starts the geek thing, all you have to say is "Hey, you like Martha Stewart!" I think that's fair enough.

Kris, I love ya!! :) We'll hit the LL Bean store together when it opens.

Roon said...

Touché, Aaron.

Anonymous said...

The episodes have been getting better and sort like you I did download them (well, only a few). I even have Lynn watching them and trying to explain the past history of Dr. Who. However, I think he is a much darker Doctor than ever before (when would have the fourth doctor let someone die like the last human?).


joevideo said...

How did we not bond more in college? I'm a bigger geek than you are probably. When you hear the term "mirror universe" do you immediately begin scratching your chin, looking for a goatee?

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