Monday, March 27, 2006

Juggle Fever

Juggling is one of those skills I always wish I had learned.

I had some friends in high school who were really good jugglers. One of them even carried around a set of bowling pins in his backpack and gave them a toss during free time at school.

My brother learned to juggle in college. I remember him juggling eggs in the kitchen when I was little.

With all that said, enjoy this amazing clip forwarded to us from one of our neighbors…

Not to me outdone, another juggler has copied this routine trick-for-trick—except he uses five balls instead of three!


Bonroon said...

Just wanted you to know your brother still juggles. In fact he tried to impress me on our first date (23 years ago) by juggling uncooked egges in my kitchen-it resulted in a mess.
While at the Boston Marathon watching him run this week, I saw 2 guys trying to set a new record-you guessed it,juggling while running the marathon!

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