Thursday, April 12, 2007

Looks 'Smart' to me

Ok, I can't help but share one more piece of geeky movie news. USA Today has first look at the new movie version of "Get Smart!"

Steve Carell and Ann Hathaway are stepping in for the late, great Don Adams as Maxwell Smart and Barbara Feldon as Agent 99.

I enjoyed "Get Smart!" reruns as a kid and I'm looking forward to this movie version.

Translating classic TV shows to the big screen with new cast members can be tricky business. It seems like there have been more misses than hits. But there's something about this photo. These two really look the parts.

The casting is great. Besides Carell and Hathaway, the movie wil also feature Alan Arkin and The Rock.

The movie isn't due until June 2008.


Shannon said...

AWESOME!!! Perfect casting. Steve Carrell is the natural choice. I really like Anne Hathaway too. If you didn't see her in The Devil Wears Prada, check it out.

I'm looking forward to seeing this. Get Smart was hilarious.

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