Friday, April 27, 2007

Baseball is here!

The Rooneys are now in the throws of baseball and spend our waking hours on the field. Nolan absolutely loves it. He is so excited every time he goes out there and has even been hiding his cold so I won't think he's too sick to play. Every year, it is more like the real rules of baseball. This year the coach stands and pitches instead of kneeling, they call outs (but not strikes) and they get to play catcher. Nolan hopes he gets to do that soon and wear the gear (including a cup!). Thomas is also into the scene. He was helping Daddy pitch yesterday at practice. Mostly he has been working the crowd, talking to anyone that will listen to him (and he has a lot to say!). There is one boy that is a younger sibling of a player too but he is 5. Thomas thinks he is IT and trails after him a lot. I love it because he's getting more independent so I can actually watch the game.

But it's not all baseball. Last weekend, we had a great time going to a campground, Cherry Plain State Park. What a little gem that is! We just went for the day to check it out for a future camping trip. It was an old CCC camp that is converted to a campground. There is a dam built to make a small pond, and a charcoal kiln which we didn't find but hope to explore next time. We had a little picnic and went for a walk. There was a thin layer of ice on the water that we had fun throwing rocks at, in hopes of breaking through. Nolan was the only one to do it.

Nolan's class is hatching duck and chicken eggs, so we're becoming embryology experts. We've been learning to ride bikes too. We found a bigger bike for Nolan on the side of the road that someone didn't want anymore (score!) and Thomas got a little bike with training wheels. So we're figuring them out. And of course there is a ton of yardwork. Thomas and I are going to get dirt today. Yesterday I finished cleaning out the garage and it looks fantastic! I keep going out to look at it.

This weekend will be more of the same--yardwork, playing with friends and a birthday party. 37 more school days left!


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