Thursday, April 12, 2007

The fall of Don Imus

Well, this Don Imus thing sure has snowballed, hasn’t it? CBS just announced that the I-Man has been fired from his radio show—less than 24 hours after MSNBC cut ties with him.

Look, I don’t like what Imus said. I think what made it even worse was his comments weren’t directed at a public figure, but some ordinary college kids who don’t live in the public eye.

I completely agree with the decision to pull him from MSNBC. There is no place for comments like that on a news network. Imus’ defense has been that his is a comedy-entertainment program. Fine. Then get it off the news channel.

Personally, I always thought watching his radio program on TV was like watching paint dry. But I know others who enjoyed it.

Now, is it right that he lost his radio show? I don’t know. Certainly, I’ve heard worse things on the radio. I was once a regular Howard Stern listener. I used to tell people that if you don’t like Stern, then don’t listen. I think I would have said the same thing in this case.

But the writing was clearly on the wall. On Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN Radio, the comment was made that this was not a black or white issue, but a green one. Radio is a business. Once the major advertisers start pulling out, what incentive is there to keep him on?

So the powers that be have stood up and made an example of Imus. Okay. Just don’t stop there. Let’s see Al Sharpton and company put the same kind of pressure on the record labels and radio programmers that promote the hip hop music full of the same kind of language that brought Imus down.

As for Imus, I doubt we’ve heard the last of him. Anyone want to place bets on how long it will be before he turns up on satellite radio?


Aaron Hull said...

Yep...I agree with you. If you don't like it, turn it off. But the problem is he insulted blacks and women in one sentence. A double no-no is less then 5 seconds. Is he a racist? I don't know...I do know that people who aren't racist would not say things like that.

Yep, it all comes down to $$$ in this case and he will probably go to satelite. But i'm not so sure he will make the big bucks there that Stern is making. I just don't see the demographic that he atracks will run out and pay for radio.

We shall see.

Les Clutter said...

I am an old guy who goes back to 1971-72 with Imus when I lived downstate and he was on WNBC radio.
He has always been on the edge and CBS knew this for years and MSNBC also knew this 10 years ago when they starting simulcasting his show.
Yes what he said was dumb but he didn't commit a criminal act just an act of stupidity.
But when Sharpton and Jackson jumped on board and advertisers started bailing, the end was near.
The worse thing is that people he promoted in the books, political ambitions and so on abandoned him. Guys like Russert, Gregory,Brian Williams, Kerry, Biden,Santorum, Harold Ford, etc.
When the going gets tough......
friends bailout.

Shannon said...

I thought of it from this perspective...if I was the parent of one of those girls, I'd be pretty pissed off. It wouldn't matter if I were black or white. Call my daughter a "ho" on a nationally syndicated and televised radio show?

No, I don't think so.

And yes, picking on people who are, by choice, in the public arena is par for the course. Picking on an innocent group of college women who were living a dream is just crass.

Hey - now he knows how the Dixie Chicks feel! And yes, if he hasn't already been offered a satellite radio spot, I'd be totally surprised.

R.B. said...

Let's see if what's good for the goose........You may recall that Sharpton's posse descended en masse upon Durham, NC to proclaim those three young men from Duke guilty of rape, sexual assault, and every other offense they could. Facts be damned. Presumption of innocense? Poppycock.
So, has Sharpton apologized to those three Duke boys for his boorish and offensive behavior? For proclaiming them guilty? No. And he won't. Ever.
With people like Sharpton and Jackson crafting the agenda, I'm afraid racial harmony is merely a pipe dream.

joevideo said...

you may remember that i worked on the show and have been to the ranch. it's very sad to us to see what's happened. that being said, not too many people around here are sad about the decision. he got what was coming.

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