Monday, May 22, 2006

Welcome aboard, Wifey

I’d like to take this opportunity to officially welcome Kris to the blogoshpere.

As she explains below, she’s not sure if she has enough interest in blogging to start her own blog.  So she’s just going to get her feet wet here as a special “guest contributor.”

Let’s all give her a big “Off the Top of My Head” welcome!


Aaron Hull said...

Wow...That's impressive. That brings a smile to my face. How did he get up there? Did you leave one of the chairs out?

Aaron Hull said...

opps...My previous comment was supposed to be on the picture of chester. I clicked the wrong "comment" button. Anyway, welcome to Blog land Kris!!! I promise I won't bust on you like I do to Chris... Unless you write a pro-bush or pro-yankee post:-)

Shannon said...

Hey! Welcome to the Blogosphere Kris!

Hope everyone feels better soon. There is nothing worse than sick kids...except when you're sick at the same time too!

ADKmom said...


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