Thursday, May 04, 2006


A co-worker just brought up a very good point about the Times Union taking on the naming rights of the Pepsi Arena. Why in the world would they change the name from “Arena” to “Center?”

He points to the example of Bank One Ballpark in Arizona, aka “The BOB” (as in short for Robert). Bank One spent who knows how much money on those rights, and no one calls it Bank One Ballpark. Everyone calls it the BOB.

The Times Union Center could easily become known as “The TUC” (as in tuck). If they had left it as “Arena” no one would go around calling it “The TUA.”


joevideo said...

Isn't the BOB now known as Chase Field? Hence, "The Chafe?" Ouch.

Shannon said...

I'm all for the "Rex" myself...or else just go back to calling it the Knick.

joevideo said...

would a camera shooting into the above mentioned Chase Field be formerly known as a "BOB Shot?"

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