Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back to the 'Toy' store

Disney’s “Toy Story 3” is marching forward, with Pixar now onboard.

The news came out almost a year ago that Disney was going to make “TS 3” without Pixar. The upcoming film “Cars” was supposed to be the last movie in the initial deal between the two studios and it seemed they would be parting company.

Meanwhile, Disney, which owned the rights to the “TS” characters was going to make their own sequel. As a Pixar fan, I was really hoping it would suck.

But since then Disney went out and bought Pixar—so now they’ll be making “TS 3” after all.

I’m still not excited about this movie. I’d rather see new original material coming from Pixar, who has always been the leader in the CG animation field. And I can’t help but wonder if their heart is really in this movie, or if it’s being forced on them by Disney.


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