Thursday, May 25, 2006

Now hear this...

My voice demo came in today! Feel free to give a listen and let me know what you think. Track 1 is a sample of my commercial work. Track 2 contains narrations.

I’ve also posted both tracks permanently to the right under my picture.

Now all I have to do start sending them out and let the bucks roll in.

So if you know anyone looking for a voice—make sure to tell them about me!


PLANET3RRY said...

Your demos are pretty cool. I was reminded of the TMBG song "Fingertips" since the commercials jumped from one thing to another.

I sure hope that you can find some work pretty soon. Although, I love radio and would love to be a radio personality... I don't have that commercial feel but with the advent of podcasting, I might have an outlet.

Maybe you can be cast as the next big character voice in an upcoming Pixar movie...

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, Chris!


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