Tuesday, April 11, 2006

'Your attention please...'

Is Yankee Stadium the same without that familiar voice echoing from above?

Longtime stadium announcer Bob Sheppard—the man Reggie Jackson once called the “Voice of God”missed his first home opener in 56 years! He threw out his hip last night at his Long Island home.

Sheppard is thought to be in his 90s. He won’t tell anyone his age.

He’s going to sit out this homestand and is expected to be back for the next one.

Sheppard has been introducing players and delivering messages over the public address system since 1951.


Aaron Hull said...

Wow...first it was the curse of roid-butt...then it was the curse of A-rod...Could this be the curse of Damon???

joevideo said...

the guy that replaced him sounds just like him.

"your attention please. Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to my imminent death." hey, at least you guys have an announcer that has some history. the mets announcer is like 20 something and is the 3rd one in the last decade.

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