Monday, April 17, 2006

Marathon Man

Congratulations to my brother Tim. He just finished the 2006 Boston Marathon with a time of 3:29:09! His pace at the end was 7:59. Here's his stats:

5k 0:24:26
10k 0:48:44
15k 1:13:20
20k 1:37:30
Half 1:42:38
25k 2:01:44
30k 2:27:11
35k 2:52:54
40k 3:18:20

Start Time Offset 05:02
Pace 07:59
Official Time 3:29:09
Overall 5543
Gender 4881
Division 1950

The qualifying time for his division is 3:30:00. So this means he's automatically qualified for next year's Boston Marathon.

Way to go, Tim!


PLANET3RRY said...

I had fun tracking him today! That is an AWESOME time and with 119 seconds to spare for qualifying for next year. Good job!

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