Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend recap

We had quite the busy, rock 'em sock 'em weekend.

Saturday morning we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt sponsored by Parsons (the adoption agency we used). Besides the easy-to-find eggs (the event was held indoors because of fear of rain) there was a bouncy bounce (click for video), games, crafts and a magician.

We returned home for lunch and then Nolan and I went to the movies. He wanted to see “Ice Age: The Meltdown,” but it was sold out. So I told him he could either see “The Shaggy Dog” now (it was starting in about 15 minutes) or we could come back to see “Ice Age” tomorrow. He picked “Shaggy Dog.”

After the movie I hung a railing in the stairway going down to the basement. That’s a project we’ve been meaning to complete since the basement was finished last year.

Saturday night mom watched the kids while Kris and I went to an auction to benefit the Niskayuna Co-Op Nursery School. Our kids didn’t go to that school, but Nolan’s friend Danny does and his parents, our friends Ray and Marlene, were in charge of the auction.

We had a good time. There was a live auction and a silent auction. We had the winning bids on a couple silent auction items. We picked up a package that included four tickets to a Tri-City Valley Cats baseball game and a gift certificate to TGI Fridays. I also got some cheap tickets to an Albany Conquest arena football game. However, I got “ebayed” on a baseball autographed by Bubba Crosby. I had the high bid all night long until someone swooped in at the last minute to outbid me by $5.

Sunday we all slept in a little, courtesy Daylight Savings Time.

After church Nolan had a party to mark his last religion class of the year. Kris volunteered in Nolan’s class. While they’re is in class, Thomas gets to eat doughtnuts and play with the other kids waiting while their older siblings are in class and I always enjoy visiting with some of the other moms and dads.

Saturday was supposed to be the day we celebrate Chester’s birthday. When we adopted him in 2003, we weren’t told his exact birth date—just that he was born sometime in April 2000. So we picked April 1 to observe his birthday. But since we weren’t home much of the day on Saturday we made it up to him by taking him to PetSmart to pick out a big ol’ birthday bone for himself.

The weather was beautiful Sunday, so we spent a good part of the rest of the day outdoors. The boys, Chester and I walked to a nearby park to play some baseball. I’d pitch to Nolan, he’d hit the ball, Thomas would go running after it. I also beamed with pride watching Thomas pick up a bat and hit a ball pitched by Nolan.

While Thomas napped, Nolan and I took a break to play some videogames. Then we went back outside to play more in the backyard. We tossed the football and played a little more baseball. Thomas eventually woke up and joined us.

By Sunday night we were all exhausted!


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