Thursday, April 06, 2006

Plattsburgh on 'The Daily Nightly'

I'm a loyal reader of Brian Williams' Daily Nightly blog. So imagine my surprise when today's post from the NBC Nightly News anchor included the following:
Greetings and thanks are due to several groups: the journalism students from SUNY Plattsburgh, N.Y. who visited 30 rock today -- it was great spending time with students, as it always is...

I'm willing to bet this means the annual NBS-AERho convention is in New York City.

Back in 1994, my senior year at Plattsburgh, we went to the convention in New York. While we were there we attended tapings of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "Rush Limbaugh: the Television Show," "Phil Donohue" and "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee." We even got to spend some time with Regis as the current students apparently got to do today with Brian Williams.

I'm sure Peter Ensel, my old advisor and current head of the communications department was in on this. Way to go Plattsburgh gang!


joevideo said...

sigh, as usual, our 3rd place network was bypassed despite numerous overtures to come visit. i'm so DONE.

Ryan Dillenbeck said...

we where not htere for a convention, we went their for a senior trip to visit a bunch of places and stuff. we went to the daily show, conan, and some even got to sit in the controll room for brain williams.

Ryan said...

Ensel did not say anything about you inviting us to come visit, we had some time i dont know why we didnt. The trip was fun, but seemed just a little disorganized..

joevideo said...

hey ryan,

it's more of a standing offer, and i'm tired of making it... i know we're not 30 rock but it's still alot more practical job-wise for college students because you can actually get a job at my place vs. 30 rock. i didn't know you guys were coming otherwise i'd have made it to you and the seniors. that's cool though that you guys got into nightly and today.

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