Thursday, April 06, 2006


As you may recall from my “Home Improvement” updates on our basement renovation last year, the only real snag in the process came when it was time to install the carpet. We went with a guy called the Carpet King, which turned out to be the one really bad decision we made in the whole process.

What should have been a one-day job stretched over several days for various reasons.

In the end we were sold much more carpet than was needed and the King (aka Stan Kubik) refused to take it back, citing his no returns policy. Instead we got him to use the excess to carpet our stairs upstairs.

But there was still more left over. The King agreed to bind it and return it to us at no extra charge so we could use it as a rug in our foyer. For weeks I would call him or stop at his store to see him in person and ask for our rug. He always had excuse after excuse why it was not ready.

He probably didn’t have it. He probably used it in another job or accidentally threw it out.

Anyway, he wore me down and eventually I stopped calling him. I gave up and just decided I didn’t care anymore. However, part of me always felt bad for allowing him to get away with something.

That brings us to today’s news. The King has been arrested by Colonie police on charges of larceny and forgery. He’s accused of taking money for jobs and then never completing the work.


I feel a bit vindicated. But I also feel a little guilty. Maybe if I had kept on the guy last year, other people wouldn’t have been scammed?

UPDATE: WNYT interviewed me for their story on the Carpet King. You can view the video here.


joevideo said...

The king will most certainly turn into "The queen" in Cell Block 69. Bend over Porky!

Rose Houghtaling said...

stan kubik was always a good friend of mine and always took care of my mother covering up the old lady piss stains and laying new linoeum in bathrooms stan was the man my mother loved him and his wife many of times they came over for dinners these are good christian people stan even had bible studys in his house and when it came to laying carbet in the hot tub room he gave me a nice fuorescent beer sign for the hot tub room.witch i still have the carpet and the beer sign no more hot tub we all loved the nakid women and those days that no longer can return. stan is the man dose any body know how i can get ahold of him?god is coming and jesus his lord.the godfather fred ucci aka dymond cartel

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