Monday, April 03, 2006

'24' shocker

If you haven’t watched tonight’s “24” yet, I won’t spoil it for you.

But holy crap!  It was an act all this time?  I don’t think anyone saw this coming!


Aaron Hull said...

Last night convinced me that this is the best season. WOW!!!!

joevideo said...

i don't buy it. i mean really? sounds like "Alias" where they just change the outcome of the show because they can.

Roon said...

Well, yeah, I don't think this was ever intended from the begining. The writers admit they pretty much make each season up as they go along.

This twist creates pletny of plot holes that will need to be explained. It will either make for a very cool story or it will be a Jump the Shark moment.

Anonymous said...

For your 24 enjoyment:

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