Monday, January 23, 2006

Life with the Rooneys

Remember a month or so ago when I mentioned school was canceled even though we only got two or three inches of snow? We had the opposite problem today. School remained open despite some pretty sloppy roads.

It usually takes me 30 minutes to get to work. Today it took over an hour with traffic barely moving on Route 7 heading towards Latham.

We checked this morning and saw that school was open. So Kris put Nolan on the bus. But it turns out that a late decision was made to cancel p.m. kindergarten. Neither we nor the bus driver knew this. So the bus had to eventually turn around and bring him back home.

Things were moving slow today, but we had an action-packed weekend. We recently became members at the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology—a very cool place—and took the kids there again Saturday morning. Among other things, we checked out their nifty Molecularium show.

Then later that night we attended a pot luck dinner held on the Siena College campus for families of adopted Asian kids.

But of course, a high point of the weekend for any kid is always a trip to McDonald’s. Yesterday we went to one of the ones with a giant play area and met our friends the Price family there. Nolan was excited because he and Thomas got two toys in their Happy Meals (I think they’re just trying to unload surplus toys from past promotions)!

We rounded the weekend out with dinner at my mom’s house.

Now you’re caught up with us. Kris has some cute photos she’s taken recently that I haven’t posted yet. Hopefully I’ll get those up soon.


Shannon said...

HEEEY! The next time you're on my side of the river without even considering calling me up, you're on the list, Pal!


And i had an hour's ride to work yesterday (normally 20 minutes). Yeah, it sucked.

Roon said...

Sorry, Shannon. Next time we're planning a museum excursion we'll give you a call. maybe we can meet up there.

Have you brought Maggie there yet?

Shannon said...

We'll be there on the 5th for a birthday party. How cool is that? I never thoguht of doing that. We're having a bowling party...a tad lame but exciting to a bunch of 4-5-year-olds.

I haven't been there since they relocated so I am excited to see it. We would defintely meet you there sometime!

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