Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jack Bauer vs. the evil Republican

“24” almost lost me last night.

We’ve known for some time that presidential aide Walt Cummings was a bad guy, complicit in the assassination of former President David Palmer, the attacks on the others at CTU that knew Jack Bauer was still alive and the murder of several civilians during the hostage crisis at the airport. And that was all just before lunch!

But last night we finally learned his motivation. It was all a plot to plant false evidence of weapons of mass destruction to justify further U.S. troop deployments to secure the flow of foreign oil!

Oh, brother. As soon as I heard “weapons of mass destruction” and “oil” I had to groan. The evil Republicans strike again.

I love “24” and will keep watching, but that was a bit much.


Aaron said...

Wow...I never even thought about that one. Don't you love it when the truth is injected into plot lines? I guess they should have consulted with Fox News, Bill O'Riley and Pat Robertson to ensure that their plot lines were "Fair and Ballanced".

Anonymous said...

watch out aaron, Fox might sue you for the use of "Fair and Ballanced". Oh frack, now they are going to get me. maybe i can find a poor republican to pay off. wait there are no poor republicans in congress.


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