Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam

Here’s how much of a geek I am: upon hearing that Clarence Ray Allen’s last words before being executed in California were “It’s a good day to die,” the first thing I thought of was, “Hey! That’s a Klingon phrase!”

I’m such a loser. It’s like the Taunton Dam all over again.

NOTE: No, I did not know that translation off the top of my head. I had to google it. I'm not that much of a geek that I speak fluent Klingon!


PLANET3RRY said...

Good job Roon. Maybe like the Calvin Snowman... you can post a Klingon Language Lesson!

Shannon said...

Wow. How bad is that? I can actually hear that phrase from DS9 in my head as I read that.

Hi my name is Shannon and I am a geek. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you Google a bit harder you'll find that the phrase is the translation of "Hok-Ah-Ei."


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