Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Heeere's Johnny! - MLB - Olney: Johnny on the spot
Anybody know the name of a good barber in New York City? Johnny Damon will need one before he puts on his pinstripes!

The Yanks signed the former BoSox center fielder to a four-year deal worth $52 million.

Four years...that's not too bad. Damon was asking for seven years, which would not have been worth it.

He will likely be the starting center fielder and lead off hitter.

I guess I'll have to take down the chart hanging on the wall in my office that compare's Damon to a neanderthal. Maybe I'll wait to make sure he doesn't stink, then I'll get rid of it.

UPDATE: The signing of Damon puts a big question mark over the future of longtime Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams. ESPN's Buster Olney was on ESPN Radio this morning reporting that the Yankees will sign Bernie to a one-year $1.5 million deal to keep him around as a bench player.

Meanwhile, Sports Bash host Erik Kuselias, who was filling in on the Mike & Mike show, called the Damon move the biggest defection in the greatest sports rivalry since Babe Ruth (he wouldn't count Roger Clemens, who spent two years in Toronto before arriving in the Bronx).

He also called Damon's upcoming trim "the most famous haircut in sports history" (Kuselias is a devout Red Sox fan). I, of course, have been known in the past to refer to Damon as "Captain Hairdo."

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Shannon said...

Well that didn't take long to get on the Blog.

I am waiting for the Sampson and Delila comparisons to begin!

Aaron said...

Well...The Yankees got a rock star with a good bat and no arm...How big is center field at the stadium? This move leaves us plenty of money to get Andruw Jones from the Braves (Golden glove, lead the NL in homers in 05)...Better yet, maybe we can get him with a trade by July and then sign the 28 year old to a long term contract...No worry here!!!

joevideo said...

go mets. f the yanks. :)it's all about the mets this year fellas.

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