Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Airman's best friend

An airman, a dog and an act of Congress
NBC's Chip Reid had a great story last night about Air Force Tech Sergeant Jamie Dana and her bomb sniffing dog, Rex.

They were injured when a bomb exploded under their Humvee in Iraq.

Dana was badly injured. The doctors thought she would die, but she survived and is recovering stateside.

Initially she was told Rex was killed. But it turns out he survived. Rex was found and has been brought to back to the U.S. to be by Dana's side as she recuperates.

Dana will soon be out of the military and she wants to adopt Rex. The top brass at the Air Force have given their blessing. However, believe it or not, it takes an act of Congress for a "military mutt" to retire early. If Congress doesn't act, Dana and Rex will eventually be separated.

Currently, Rex's retirement is attached to the Defense Appropriations Bill. A spokesman for Rep. John Peterson, R-Pa., who represents Dana's district, says "it's not a matter of whether the act passes, it's a matter of when."

You can read the story and watch the video here and read more about the story from Chip Reid on The Daily Nightly.


PLANET3RRY said...

That's a pretty cool story!

I had heard on "The Rest of the Story" about in WWII a submarine had a pet dog and at one time fell overboard and they searched and searched for it. Eventually found it, but risked their lives because they weren't "silent" during the entire ordeal

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