Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More on the Damon deal

I was going to put this in comments, in response to Aaron mentioning that his Yankee fan co-workers are upset about the Damon deal, but I decided to put it out here for all to see instead.

He said his co-workers hate this deal and are quieter than they were the day after the Yanks blew the 2004 ALCS (which Damon’s two-run homer and grand slam played a big part in). I find that very hard to believe. There is no hot stove move that could be more upsetting to a fan than seeing your team blow a four-game lead in a best of seven LCS.

I wouldn't say I hate the deal. I'm not surprised by it that much—it was clear Johnny and George were interested in each other a year ago. The key was getting the number of years he’d agree to down to the right number. Damon wanted seven years, and there is no way he’s worth that to anyone. Four years is a little more reasonable.

Also, the deal includes only a partial no-trade clause. We don’t know which teams are included, but it’s not an absolute no-trade. So it’s possible Damon could be traded if he has his problems.

And that’s possible. I’ve read a few quotes from Damon and I’m not thrilled with some of what I’ve heard. It sounds like he’s bringing a rather large ego with him to the Bronx. Quotes like this:

"They haven't had a championship since Chuck Knoblauch was there when they had a great leadoff hitter," Damon said. "I think the leadoff role has been under-appreciated. A good leadoff hitter is tough to find and I think New York just found the best leadoff hitter in the game."

I wonder how that attitude will play in the clubhouse. But, like Aaron, I’m not worried. All it takes is a couple of bad outings and some run-ins with the New York media to bring about an attitude change (remember Randy Johnson’s encounter with a WCBS photographer?).

I think this is an exciting move that will make my favorite sport fun to watch come spring.

Okay, now that's more than enough for now about Johnny Damon. Comment all you like, but I'm ready to move on to other things today.


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