Sunday, December 04, 2005

The cutting room floor

For as much as I post on this blog, there is so much that I don’t.

I really enjoy keeping the blog and sharing with all of you what’s new with my family and my thoughts on things.  Often times as I’m experiencing or witnessing something, I immediately start composing a blog entry about it in my head.

But most of those entries never make it out of my head (or “off the top of my head” as the case may be) for a variety of reasons.  Usually it’s because I’m just too busy.  Sometimes it’s the opposite—I’m just too lazy.  And other times it might be something that would be great to write about, but maybe better off kept to myself.

So I will continue to deliver what I can to my loyal readers.  Besides, I’m sure if I did unload everything that’s swimming around in my brain you would be bored to tears anyway!


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