Monday, June 11, 2007

Tour de Cure 2007

The Tour de Cure went well yesterday. I wasn’t quite prepared to do the 50-mile ride this year. So I did the 25-mile route, which was still enough to leave me a little sore afterward.

The route starts at Stillwater High School and goes north on Route 4. Eventually it crosses over the Hudson River into Washington County and comes back down south before crossing back over into Stillwater. The 50-mile route is basically the same – it just goes farther north.

I really love riding through that neck of the woods. There are stretches where you have a great view of the river and little else – no homes, no docks, no roads except the one you’re rising on. It makes it very easy close your eyes and imagine the history that unfolded in the region (you’re riding very near the Saratoga Battlefield).

I suppose the only downside to the day was the effect the ride through the country had on my allergies. I was a mess for the rest of the day. But it was worth it. It really was a great ride.

And it was for a great cause. I raised $225 for the American Diabetes Association. Thank you to all of you who contributed. If you’d like to contribute, it’s not too late. Just click here.


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