Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life in Springfield

Here's a post I'm blatantly ripping off from college classmate and fellow blogger Mike Sussman. He pointed out the website for The Simpons Movie is up. It has an option to create your Simpons character, and he posted a picture he made of what his family might look like.

So I've never been one to avoid ripping off a good idea. Here is the closest I could get to me as a resident of Springfield.

I photoshopped the Simpsonized me into a picture of my office. I also had to add the glasses myself, since they didn't give you an option to have your character wearing glasses.

Hopefully I wasn't too generous with my body type. Your choices include kid-sized (Bart, Milhouse), average (Lenny, Carl), buff (Ranier Wolfcastle) and portly (Homer, Krusty). I think there is a little more of me than the average setting. But I haven't quite consumed enough Krispy Kremes to get to Homer-level portliness.


Mike said...

That is AWESOME! rotflmao

Mike said...

The Simpsons Movie site has listened to you and added a variety of glasses optioins. Also, Simpsonizing yourself just hit Download Squad today.

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