Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The final stretch

Today is Thomas' last day of Kiddie Car. He had his End of the Year Show a couple weeks ago; well, at least the rest of his class did. They work on different songs and motions to them throughout the year and give a concert for the parents at the end. What I feared happened: Thomas came walking down the aisle for the show and as soon as he saw us, sat right down and that was the end of it! I did get him to go up for a little while but it was really hard for him. Oh well--he'll have another chance next year. It's just so funny. He usually loves being the center of attention but when it comes down to it, he's a softie when all eyes are on him. I'll have to remember this story when he's a lawyer some day. Anyway, they are having their end of the year party today and then he is going home with his best friend Leo to play. So he's pretty psyched.

Nolan is a happy kid today too. Today is his Young Author Day. In a few minutes we will be going to the school to watch his class sing and then read books they've created over the year. Nolan reads constantly now so he's really excited about today. He's been into this series called The Magic Treehouse and he's on the 14th book now. Nolan is done school next Wednesday. He has 3 more baseball games, 2 more school parties and a field trip to the museum before that.

It's been so crazy around here that I crashed a little on Sunday. I fell asleep on the couch and Chris said he was watching me sleep. My eyes were screwed shut and my face was all scrunched up as I slept. I'm even stressed in my sleep! But it's all so good. It's exciting watching them grow up.


Shannon said...

Maggie LOVES the Magic Treehouse series. So do I. That will be a set that we will be slowly collecting.

She was fascinated by the one in Pompeo and Mt Vesuvius (spelling?).

For St. Pat's Day, I bought the one where they went to the Skellig Michael off the coast of County Kerry to visit the ancient Catholic monks and fend off the Viking attacks.

What a great series of books!

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