Friday, June 30, 2006

Who am I?

So Kris wonders what SNL character I am.

I’d like to be somebody cool like Elwood Blues or Wayne Campbell (although I’m probably closer to Garth).

I actually found an online quiz that said I was Beldar Conehead. But if we’re going for forehead humor, let’s not forget about Phil Hartman’s Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

In keeping with the Kris’ whole “opposites attract” theme, I was tempted to throw in a “Point-Counterpoint” reference, but I’ve thought better of it.

Meanwhile, while searching for an SNL quiz, I stumbled across two others that I couldn’t resist. I know I was just comparing myself to Homer Simpson last week, but then I came up with this:

Then there’s this one. Some of you out there knew me in high school. Is this accurate?


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