Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'Spider-Man 3' trailer arrives!

Heads up, true believers. Here’s some more geek news…

All right, I had my reservations. But I am now more pumped than ever for “Spider-Man 3.”

The teaser trailer was released today. You’ll be able to see it in theaters starting tomorrow with “Superman Returns.”

I’m still a little hesitant about Topher Grace as Venom.

But everything else in this trailer looks fantastic. Sandman looked great. Bryce Dallas Howard looked perfect as Gwen Stacey—right down to the black band in her hair. And even if it’s not the same black costume from the comics, it still looked pretty cool seeing the black goo covering up Spidey.

I have faith Sam Raimi will pull together a great movie.

Mark your calendar for May 4, 2007.


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