Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Hot Light Is Off...

…or it at least it will be going off—for good—on Sunday. Say it ain’t so!

Is there anything in life that tastes as good as a Krispy Kreme doughnut fresh off the conveyor belt?

The Krispy Kreme in Latham, the only one in eastern New York, opened two years ago to much fanfare. On opening day, Feb. 24, 2004 they sent TONS of free doughnuts over to the newsroom and I ate more than my fair share. In fact, I probably ate more than three people’s fair share. I was hooked!

Not to mention it’s a fun place to visit. The kids love watching the doughnut assembly line and getting their free Krispy Kreme hats.

I also remember hosting a party at our house once. Some guests brought the usual gifts—a bottle of wine, a plate of cookies, etc. But friend and frequent commenter here, Ray Brownell, forever endeared himself to the Rooney family by showing up with a box of a dozen Krispy Kremes. Mmm…nothing says you care like giving the gift of doughnuts…

And my Krispy Kreme T-shirt remains one of my favorite garments. Kris has teased me for exercising while wearing a shirt that promotes fattening doughnuts. Hey, that’s why I exercise—so I can eat those doughnuts!

Anyway, Krispy Kreme has been losing money left and right nationwide, leading to the closing of many stores.

I never did get my free doughnut on National Doughnut Day. I’ll have to make a point of picking some up before the end of the day Sunday. A Father’s Day gift perhaps?


Silversprite said...

Krispy Kreme doughnuts, like, rule! I live on Berneray, a remote island off the west coast of Scotland. The school closed down last year; there is a case for the building to be converted into a Krispy Kreme doughnut factory and shop.

I've got a posting about this with pictures of such a doughnut factory on my blog.

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