Thursday, September 29, 2005

More whining from the den of sickness

What I refer to as “the dreaded stomach death” is sweeping through our house this week.

Nolan had it Monday night and missed school Tuesday (his first absence! Is this going to keep him out of medical school?!?). Thomas has it today.

But yesterday it hit Kris and me both. For some reason the dreaded stomach death always strikes in the middle of the night. It hit Kris first. Within the hour I found myself running to pay homage to the porcelain god.

As parents, we were pretty much useless yesterday. We were both flopped on the couch the whole day. Fortunately the kids were very well behaved and didn’t take the opportunity to chase each other through the house with knives.

What really stinks is that we missed out on going to our first Back to School night!

Here's an example of just how sick I was: I never even had an urge to check my e-mail at any point in the day!

We’re feeling much, much better today, although neither of us is 100 percent. As for Thomas, so far he doesn’t seem to have it quite as bad as the rest of us did. Hopefully by the weekend we’ll all be healthy again.


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