Thursday, September 15, 2005

Any RSS recommendations?

With the number of sites and blogs I read every day increasing (I've taken up reading Brian Williams' "Daily Nightly" blog) I think it might be time to consider downloading an RSS reader.

I've never used RSS before. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris --

I'm the guy who edits Brian's Daily Nightly blog... doesn't push a particular RSS reader on its users, but we suggest a bunch here that work with our feeds:

Good luck!

Roon said...

Thanks, Rob.

Just did you stumble across my little speck of the Internet?

Roon said...

And guys do an awesome job!

Natali said...

If you use Firefox, Sage is an invaluable extension to have. You just bookmark feeds to a designated folder, open up the reader in the sidebar, refresh and click away.

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