Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indiana Jones and the First Facebook Review

I addded a version of my "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" review to the Indiana Jones Facebook page.

I had to edit it down quite a bit. Facebook kept rejecting it, saying it was too long. I guess I have a tendency to go on and on -- there was actually even more I could have said!

But I'm proud to say that mine appears to be the first review published on the official Indy Facebook page! Yay me!


Andy Yang said...

Cmdr. Rooney!

I am humming the theme to "Raiders March" as I type this...

Your review is the first (and last) I'll read before standing in line to see Crystal Skull--just wanted you to know! So long as it passed the "Rooney" test, it's gotta be good.

Andy Y

Roon said...

You're too kind, my friend!

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