Thursday, September 07, 2006

Starting school

It sounds like the first day of pre-school was a resounding success.

When Chester and I came back from our early-morning walk a little before 7 a.m. we found Thomas already dressed and ready for the day. Of course, his school doesn’t start until 9:15.

Nolan’s bus picks him up at about 7:30. When he was getting ready to leave, Thomas ran to the closet and put on his shoes. He then got his backpack and proceeded to fill it with every one of his Thomas the Tank Engine trains. He couldn’t understand why Nolan was getting leave while he had to wait longer.

But wait he did and when the time came Kris and I both took him to his school. It was an odd feeling. He’s going to the same pre-school Nolan went to. So we had been there plenty of time before, but of course this was different.

When it came time to enter his classroom he was a little apprehensive. But he soon found a cool table filled with macaroni and toy dump trucks to play with, and that was all he needed. I don’t think he even realized we left.

When Kris picked him up he couldn’t wait to tell her about every detail of everything that happened! With Nolan the conversation would go like, “How was school?” “Good.” “What did you do?” “Stuff.”

If the first day is any indication, it seems like pre-school is going to be a great experience for Thomas.


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