Monday, September 25, 2006

Cub Scout kickoff

This is a big night tonight: Nolan’s first Cub Scout meeting!

They start the Cub Scouts younger than they did in my day. I started in the third grade, but now they begin in first grade.

We went out and bought him his uniform last week, which prompted me to go up in the attic and bring down the box with what’s left of my old Cub Scout memorabilia. I still have the kerchiefs, medals and handbooks from all three years of Cub Scouts.

The Pinewood Derby cars we’re pulled out for the kids to play with as toys long ago.

Now it’s Nolan’s turn. Hopefully there will be plenty of Pinewood Derbies, Blue & Gold Banquets and trips to Camp Boyhaven for years to come.


Aaron Hull said...

That's really cool. Lots of great memories from Scouts. Also spent a bunch of time at Boyhaven.

Have lots of fun Nolan!!

Shannon said...

Yep - they start them early. I just picked up an application for Girl Scouts for Maggie. They call them Daisies, which is like pre-Brownies.


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