Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Still nervous

Scratch that "sigh of relief" BS. I'm still worried about Kris' aunt. Sure her house didn't flood, but that doesn't mean she's out of the woods. She lives in the city's Garden District, which was described like this in an L.A. Times article:
The Garden District, though it fared better than many parts of New Orleans, largely because it is one of the highest points in the low-lying city, is deserted and suffering.

The article goes on to describe toppled trees and buildings in the neighborhood, including damage to one of the city's famous above-ground cemeteries.

The Wal-Mart in that section of the city was a free-for-all, according to the Associated Press. It's one thing to be grabbing canned goods and diapers and life's essentials, but what about the people stealing anything that isn't nailed down, like TVs and DVD players in a city with no power?
''Is everything free?" asked a woman who pulled up in a red car. Hearing ''yes," she started to chant, ''TV! TV! TV!"

Inside, a teenager held up a pair of blue lacy panties and snickered, ''I want to see somebody in these so bad," before tossing them in his basket.

Another man used a table to break into one of the last unscathed jewelry cases. A little girl balanced atop a cart filled with cases of beer.

And then there's this:
When a teenage girl passed out face down between the baby clothes and a women's sock display, people pushed past or stepped on her.

Joseph LoCascio, of Picayune, Miss., stopped to try to help the girl. He rolled her over, and she vomited pink liquid all over her face and hair. He then rolled her back.

''This is [messed] up," he said. ''. . . People just walking around like they don't care. All they're worried about is getting free [stuff] instead of a human life."


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