Wednesday, August 24, 2005


gregonweb's Memories of PSTV slideshow on Flickr
While we're on the subject of my college days, my old buddy Greg Keuhn recently posted some pictures of some of the PSTV gang, including a few featuring yours truly.

The photos are circa 1994 and were taken in and around the Williams Street apartment (was it 33 Williams?) of Michelle Scanlon, Dawn Matias, Christy Gifford, Amy Waite, Christie Corologos and Christie's cousin whose name I can't remember. It was a frequent hangout for many of us PSTVers.


Greg Kuehn said...

Rooney, you fool! AHHAHAH My last name is "KUEHN". Christie's cousin is Wendy Fuller, who still lives right here in north Vermont, too.

Can you believe I found this entry using Google's Beta Blog Search... very cool.

Roon said...

I did that on purpose knowing that someday you would google common mis-spellings of your name and find this post! ;-)

Christie Corologos said...

Hey Chris. How are you? My dad googled my name and he found this site. Nice to see you are doing well.

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