Thursday, November 19, 2009

I want my baby back ribs

Nolan's assignment in class was to write a persuasive argument. Here's what he came up with...
Ribs Not Turkey

If you like turkey, this should be a bad story for you. If you like ribs, this should be a perfect story for you

First of all, ribs can have barbecue sauce (BBQ) and turkey doesn’t. Everything is good with barbecue sauce. That’s my first reason why you should have ribs not turkey.

Ribs are from pigs and pigs have really good food. So, try eating more pig not turkey, ok? If you check, pigs have more meat than turkey. Everyone loves meat. That’s my second reason why you should have ribs not turkey.

Ribs really taste good, and it’s even my favorite food. The secret is barbecue sauce (Explained in second paragraph). Another way to make them taste good is to cook them on the grill. That’s my third reason to have ribs not turkey.

A lot of people love turkey because it is traditional and healthy, but ribs are better.

Kris e-mailed this to me when he came home from school and I laughed out loud.

When I got home I told him he made a very good case...but we're still having turkey.
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