Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tech support

Ok, folks, I need your help. The last time my computer was acting wonky I posted something about it here and someone came forward with a solution for me. Now I’m hoping The Great Someone will come through again.

For the last month or so my computer has been acting pretty screwy. Here are some of the symptoms:
  • Windows Media Player won’t launch.
  • IE seems to think Java is not enabled even thought I know it is. As a result, some sites won’t run properly.
  • System Restore won’t launch.
  • The search feature opens to a blank window. The little dog is wagging his tail, but there is no option to enter a search term.
  • The User Account Manager opens to a blank window.

There may be other problems I haven’t discovered yet. These problems also exist when I startup in Safe Mode.

I have Norton 2008 and Spybot, but neither of them have helped.

I’ve been searching the Internet for a solution to put everything back to normal, but with no luck. I fear that at some point I’m probably going to have to re-install Windows XP.

So…anyone out there have any idea what’s wrong with my computer and, more importantly, how to fix it?


leathej1 said...

Anytime Windows Media Player is in trouble, you have to run a Windows XP Repair. Considering your Java/IE integration issues, this might also be resolved in the repair, as well as the MMC issues with System Restore. If memory serves, when I did this on my mother-in-law's computer, I had to redo most all Windows Updates after the fact. But it will be worth it. Take it from an old Windows fighter.

Roon said...

Thanks, James. I'm back on track, although I can't get SP2 to install. It gets about halfway through the installation and then I get an "Access Denied" message.

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