Friday, April 25, 2008

Club Mom

Chris and I had an interesting conversation yesterday that seemed blog-worthy. Normally I comment on our All Aboard the Rooney Train site, but people seem more opinionated here. And I'm curious what everybody might think of this idea.

It seems like kids today are in a gizzillion clubs or sports or whatever. It is really easy to over-schedule your kids. I think Chris and I are in the minority when we try to limit the amount our kids do so we have more family time, or time for them just to be kids. Gone are the days when neighborhood kids just gather together to play and moms whistle them home. We have to schedule play dates or enroll them in something for them to see their friends.

The funny thing is, it feels like this is applying to the parents now too! Nobody just stops over at our house to say hi. I was talking to a friend yesterday (at a schedule play date) that I've been a hermit lately and miss talking to other grown-ups (except poor Chris--I talk his ear off). So she asked me if I wanted to go to her book group (ugh-another night out to talk about books I don't want to read) or if I wanted to come back to the running group (which meets at 5:30am. Who voluntarily wants to get up at that hour??). Again, I have to join a group so I can have friends? What is up with that?

Is it just me or is this an epidemic? There's no time to talk on the phone so we email (or blog). It's no longer socially correct to just pop in to someone's house, and odds are that they aren't home because they're with their "group" anyway. Can't friends just get together anymore? Please let me know-is it just me?

This is also our invitation--we welcome people that just drop by. Our house might be a mess and the dog might run you over, but you are always welcome.


sionna (Shannon) said...

Great! The next time I'm visting the 'Rents in Schenectady, I'll be sure to drop in completely unannounced! :)

Oh yes, I am very opinionated when it comes to scheduling my kid's activities.

We too join you in the minority and are very conscious at not over-scheduling our daughter. She is allowed one activity per season, in addition to her religion class which doesn't even meet once a week. We were going to allow girl scouts in addition to her chosen seasonal sport, but they never got their act together to form the troop. She needs time to be a kid darnit.

At any rate, we have trouble setting up playdates because EVERYONE ELSE is running their kids from club to club or dance class to practice. Sigh. It seems to defeat the purpose of allowing her the "kid time". There is no one else around!

When I do get time to talk to other grownups, usually at playdate pick-up time, the other mom and I talk each other's ears off at a furious pace because it seems like such a precious commodity to talk to another adult other than your spouse.

It is an epidemic.

I am truly sorry that we live on the opposite ends of the Capital District universe!

Aaron Hull said...

I agree with all of you. Kids are way over scheduled now. People need to realize that you are only a kid once.

ADKmom said...

Thanks! I'm not alone!

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