Friday, February 15, 2008

Now we know what can stop Jack Bauer

It's official -- Jack Bauer won't be killing anyone in 2008.

Despite the end of the writers strike, "24" will not return to TV until January 2009.

Everyone wants to stick to the plan of running the show continuously without any interuptions or repeats. But if they started now (eight episodes are already in the can) the season finale would air over the summer, when TV viewership is low. If they start in the fall, they'll have to take a break for the World Series.

They could start the season in November. But then it would probably end in March. They probably want the finale in May for sweeps.

So if you can't make it through the next 12 months without a does of Bauer Power, you can always watch the Day 7 trailer over and over or the hilarious 1990s version.


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