Friday, February 08, 2008

Dig the Wig

Hop on the Wiggum Wagon!

A lot of Republicans seem bent out of shape that they're left with John McCain as their candidate (although it's my opinion that the vast majority John Q. GOP-types think McCain is just fine, thank you very much).

Rather than throw a hissy fit, maybe they just need to find a new guy to Ralph Wiggum!

Thanks to PLANET3RRY for pointing out Ralph's campaign site. It was set up to tie in with a recent Simpsons episode. If you missed it, here it is on Hulu...


Aaron Hull said...

It's great to see the Sean Hanity/Rush Limbaugh/Savage of the world squirm over McCain. It's absolutly beautiful!!!!

Mike said...

I dig the wig! Awesome.

I follow politics closely. Although I haven't made my final choices, there are a few candidates whom I vehemently oppose. One just dropped out (hooray) and the other remaining in the race isn't McCain (or Ron Paul either). I've never voted for a Republican for President before but I would absolutely consider McCain, based on his personal integrity.

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