Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quest for the big screen

This is crazy. Just yesterday I was talking to a co-worker, saying how for the life of me I never understood why someone hasn't tried to make a live action "Johnny Quest" movie. Now this morning, I read that it's in the works!

This was one of my favorite shows on Saturday mornings as a kid -- although I always preferred the reruns from the 1960s to the newer 70s episodes. The original episodes were a little darker, had more action and relied less on comic relief.

When I was a freshman in college, Dennis Miller came to perform on campus. During his stand-up routine he made a reference to Race Bannon that fell flat. Miller muttered that it was a sign he was getting old when no one knew who Race Bannon was. That's when my roommate and I enthusiastically yelled out "Johnny Quest!" He pointed to us and smiled and said "Hey, alright!"

So who do we cast in the movie? How about George Clooney as Dr. Quest? Ten years ago I would have pushed for either Arnold Scharzenegger or Harrison Ford as Race Bannon. Who do you think should play him now?

Finally, here's the way-cool original title sequence...


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