Thursday, August 16, 2007

The ire of Red Sox Nation

I saw this on The Onion this morning. It appears to have been written a couple of days ago. It would be even funnier if the Yankees hadn't just dropped their last two games against Baltimore...

Fucking Yankees, Reports Nation

The Onion

Fucking Yankees, Reports Nation

BOSTON—Moments after the New York Yankees continued a month-long stretch that has seen them climb from the bottom of the AL East to pull within a once unfathomable four games of the first-place Red Sox by defeating the Baltimore Orioles...


Shannon said...

Actually, I've been saying "F**king Red Sox!!" (Just trying to keep things clean)

The Yanks wouldn't be within reach if the moronic Sox keep losing winnable games. The Sox are their own worst enemy at this point!!

Just my opinion as a slightly frustrated Red Sox fan.

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